SalesTech - Stephen Heal
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Stephen Heal

Frontier Economics | Associate Director

Stephen combines his broad experience in finance (JP Morgan), retail operations (Tesco) and strategy consulting (BCG) with insights taken from both behavioural and classical economics to help people.

“People come to me with questions – lots of questions - about strategy, customer insight, business development, change, innovation and more. At Frontier I often help clients to see how the behaviours of their customers and their staff are driving the outcomes and the economics of their businesses … and then how to respond. I lead though my curiosity for understanding how things are, and my passion for rethinking and re-imagining how things could be.
And I always want to do so in ways that grounded in evidence and lead to more sustainable outcomes.“


  • Your Customers' Behaviour Defines the Future of Your Business, Időpont: 09:44 - 09:59