SalesTech - Quick interview with Stephen Heal
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Quick interview with Stephen Heal

Quick interview with Stephen Heal


What is the most disregarded but crucial business challenge at this moment in time?

Fundamentally integrating the environmental and social impacts of our businesses into our ways of working so that we can better deliver for society and our planet - not just for our shareholders.

What kind of undergoing transformations do you perceive in business and business culture today?

Today – right now – many people and organisations are re-thinking the ‘future of work’. The relationship between jobs, offices, home lives and technology. Transformation is afoot in the way we organise ourselves for work, perhaps like it was in retail and banking over the last decade - with the shift to online and delivery in place of stores and face to face. Today we can take the crisis as an opportunity to ‘build back better’ for our staff, our environment and our economies.

How should we change or act to be a winner after the present crisis and recession is over?

To learn from the present crisis, as with others, that we need to embed the instinct for adaptation - to take the crisis as an opportunity to rethink, restructure and reprioritise. The survivors (winners) will be the ones that best adapt and create value for all their stakeholders.

Thank you for your answers!