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Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel interjú

Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel interjú


What are the major trends in sales in 2019

  • Artificial intelligence for lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, risk management and sustainability (from both an environmental and business perspective). Leaders who leverage A.I to anticipate and proactively manage sales and risk can gain competitive advantage and use these elements to power their organizations’ performance. This thanks to intelligent data driven strategies and a wider probabilities of outcomes.
  • Automation of sales prospecting (e.g. lead scoring) plus tasks previously performed exclusively by humans. Companies can quickly and efficiently provide customers with intuitive support, product recommendations etc.
  • B2B marketing gearing up to catch up to B2C marketing.

Does technology really shake the sales market? If so, from what point of view?

Sales decisions are based on 3 pillars: marketing & risk + compliance & sustainability. Therefore, yes – as all our everyday decisions and interactions are technology driven therefore it makes logic that sales follows through with the world trend as we know it today.

What makes the customer experience successful in a long-term?

Adding real value at every step of the interaction. Value =contributing positively to the bottom line and giving the customer the ability to pivot their market positioning.